Coming soon: Fedora on Lenovo laptops!

Fedora and Lenovo at Red Hat Summit

Today, I’m excited to share some big news with you—Fedora Workstation will be available on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops! Yes, I know,  many of us already run a Fedora operating system on a Lenovo system, but this is different. You’ll soon be able to get Fedora pre-installed by selecting it as you customize your purchase. This is a pilot of Lenovo’s Linux Community Series – Fedora Edition, beginning with ThinkPad P1 Gen2, ThinkPad P53, and ThinkPad X1 Gen8 laptops, possibly expanding to other models in the future.

The Lenovo team has been working with folks at Red Hat who work on Fedora desktop technologies to make sure that the upcoming Fedora 32 Workstation is ready to go on their laptops. The best part about this is that we’re not bending our rules for them. Lenovo is following our existing trademark guidelines and respects our open source principles. That’s right—these laptops ship with software exclusively from the official Fedora repos! When they ship, you’ll see Fedora 32 Workstation. (Models which can benefit from the NVIDIA binary driver can install it in the normal way after the fact, by opting in to proprietary software sources.) 

Obviously, this is huge for us. Our installer aims to make the complicated process of installing Fedora to replace another operating system as easy as possible, but it’s still a barrier even for tech-literate people. A major-brand laptop with Fedora pre-installed will help bring Fedora to a wider audience. That and Lenovo’s commitment to fixing issues as part of the community means that everyone benefits from their Linux engineering work in the true spirit of open source collaboration. 

As Mark Pearson, Sr. Linux Developer, from Lenovo said, “Lenovo is excited to become a part of the  Fedora community. We want to ensure an optimal Linux experience on our products. We are committed to working with and learning from the open source community.” Mark Pearson will be the featured guest in May’s Fedora Council Video Meeting – get your questions ready.

I’ll have more details about this project as we get closer to the launch. In the meantime, I invite you to come to our Open Neighborhood virtual booth at Red Hat Summit on April 28-29. The entire event is free and open to all.

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  1. Christian von Behren

    This probably doesn’t imply driver support for fingerprint readers inherited in synaptics touchpads of current models, does it?

    • I don’t know about current models, but Lenovo is working with their vendors to make sure we have firmware support going forward.

      • Cory Hilliard

        Awesome news!

      • Exiting! I’ve been thinking to replace my ageing Dell in the near future.

      • Would be awesome to havethe Validity97 sensor on my T470 officially supported. I’d just gotten it to work on libfprint-1.0 on Fedora 31, and then upgraded to Fedora 32 to have it break again 🙁

    • Cornel

      nice one

    • Mark Pearson

      Hi Christian – fingerprints readers for a fair few odler platforms and the 2020 platforms will have driver support. The firmware is actually on LVFS already just in testing status but we have to do some regression testing to complete (make sure we don’t break windows) which is why it is taking a while. I think it will be available mid-may as long as no issues found etc.
      What we can support depends on the vendor of course.

    • I'll buy a linovo when it comes with the biometric implant

      Yeah, at the bios level. Probably not in the kernel. I also heard that linovos come with a free facebook acct

    • John Westerdale

      Great move Lenovo friends!! Hope to see my T480s on the supported list soon with RHEL8! Yes, it works great!!

  2. Tom

    This is good news – Will it be available globally? I.E in the U.K?

    • As I understand the plan, yes, it should be globally, although there is some amount of regulatory red tape that needs to be cleared everywhere so I have no idea on timing. This is great for individuals around the world, of course, but it’s also important for companies who want to standardize on a Fedora OS and on the same laptop models worldwide.

      • Mark Pearson

        Confirmed – the plan is global

        We do have to complete some things before we can ship so there is a small possibility for wrinkles on the way (energy certifications etc) but so far everything is going well…..hope it stays that way!

        • Mark, I’ve been loyal to Fedora & Lenovo for some years, so the fact that Lenovo is finally supporting my favourite OS out of the box means a lot to me. I am nothing but excited about this news.

          Btw, could you tell the folks at Motorola to take a look at Phosh? Phone Shell is improving drastically so maybe by the year 2025, we could have Motorola phones running Phosh with Fedora under the hood.

          • AsciiWolf

            Motorola (or other mainstream) smartphones with Fedora/Phosh would be great! 🙂

          • Exiting! Good news! I’ve been thinking to replace my ageing Lenovo ThinkPad 10 years:)

        • Tim

          Global is good. Dell has really struggled to do that with its linux initiatives.

      • Peter Johansen

        Dear all,
        I am big Fedora fan and an all-time Thinkpad consumer. However, I am not excited about this. Indivuals who want to run Fedora probably want install it (and customize the install) themselves. If the installer is an obstacle, one should probably not go with Fedora.

        Fedora OS as a company OS – oh my God – what an administration nightmare to upgrade all machines every six months.

        It’s great that Fedora gets more visibility, but that’s it….

        • Andre Gompel

          After many years, in the Redhat/Fedora Linux, still see Fedora-MATE as one of the best Linux distro’s.
          But Yes ! I also admit hatting the Anaconda Installer, with just too many shortcomings. Wondering if a brand new, better, simpler Linux-Fedora installer would not be a good move.

        • Miroslav Ivan

          The moment Lenovo comes with notebooks having Fedora is the moment I am starting heavily favoring Lenovo as my next notebook brand. Just for the sole purpose of supporting a good cause, there should be more variety in OSes people can choose when buying a notebook. I don’t really like idea of paying for Windows if I don’t intend to use that Windows.
          Also I am not even partially unhappy with the fact I won’t have to install Fedora myself. It’s a breeze yes, but if I don’t have to, I can appreciate that.

          • Steve

            Yeah, i’m totally in agreement, be good if “No OS” was an option too, i’m annoyed at paying for a windows license i never use. i’m in the market for a new laptop, this one has hit 7 years. System76 is currently at the top of my list.

        • Kjetil Kilhavn

          After owning several ThinkPads my current laptop is a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. Why? Because I want to be able to call their support if something doesn’t work, without being told that Linux is not supported.
          I don’t care if you think people who think the installer is too complex should not use Fedora. Your point, besides being elitist, is irrelevant in terms of company purchases and for people like myself who prefers Linux but don’t like to tinker to make things work – if at all able to do so.
          Want your parents to use Linux so you can give them technical support on a platform you are familiar with? Now you can tell them it’s supported by the vendor, not something you’re replacing the vendor OS with.

    • Gerry Adams

      Ireland is not in the UK

      • Doug

        I.E. was meant as in ie. Aka, “example” not I.E. aka Ireland.

        • Clark

          I understood what the commentor meant, but i.e. is the wrong latin phrase to use here. They wanted to use e.g. (exempli gratia). i.e. is used for clarifications or restatements.

          Also confusing is that ie is the country code for Ireland, which has a complicated political history with the UK.

          • Bernd

            Maybe they wanted to clarify that they were specifically asking about availability in the UK.

      • Thomas

        He was saying “that is” or “id est” (I.E), not Ireland

        “Will it be available globally? That is in the UK?”

      • Fedora abú a Gherry! Tiocfaidh ár laptop!

      • Tony Rawlings

        Northen Ireland is, the ROI, Republic of Ireland isn’t.

      • Brian

        Which Ireland?

  3. This is exciting. Congratulations Fedora team!

  4. George

    P53, very nice!

  5. Marcio


    Congratulations, Red Hat, Fedora and Lenovo!

  6. This is fantastic, Thank you for sharing the great news Matthew!

  7. Adam McNutt

    It’s almost like it’s back to a full IBM machine again. This makes me happy.

  8. Giovanni Fabbro

    Are these shipping with Secure Boot enabled? Who is issuing the certs for Secure Boot too?

  9. And just when I was about 99% sure of my next laptop purchase, you drop this news!

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the Fedora team though! 😀

    • Wade Mealing

      Eddie: I was just about to buy a different brand and this changed my mind!

  10. Giovanni Fabbro

    No Ryzen models?

    • Albin

      Right question…Always wondered when I get to order a T495s with Linux preinstalled frim the Swiss Lenovo store, sparing the 100$ for a Win10Pro license…Would order immediately.

  11. fridgidmustang

    How will LUKS be handled? Will they be unencrypted? Will there be a setup wizard before the GNOME one?

    Ubuntu OEM handled this with eCryptFS iirc.

  12. fridgidmustang

    Oh and what about recovery… will there be a Fedora live-iso partition?
    That’d be neat.
    Would love to see something like that in Anaconda.

    • Phoenix

      That would indeed be neat. Though, of course one should be able to update it, say, with the default ISO, e.g. when Fedora 33 and so on is released.

  13. Aaron

    This is huge, I already use fedora workstation on a Lenovo X1 Carbon. In fact, I’m running fedora Silverblue and, while this definately exciting news what would really blow me away is if Silverblue was also available and Pre-Installed on Lenovo machines.

    • Ondřej Kolín

      I am afraid, that Silverblue needs a little bit more love, but they will get there.

  14. Benny Fields

    Awesome news! Can’t wait to place my order!

  15. Felícito

    This is great news!!

  16. aidsla

    I hope the same happens with HP and Dell in the future.

  17. Carlos

    Congrats! I hope this option becomes available for all future ThinkPads.

  18. Random

    Does that mean Nouveau is the default drivers for Nvidia models?

    • Either that or running with Intel graphics on those. I’m not actually sure — something good to ask the Lenovo folks at RH Summit!

  19. Andrea

    Great Achievement!
    Good job to all the Fedora team.

  20. This is amazing! Very excited for this, and I’m soon due for a (Lenovo) laptop upgrade :).

    Congrats and kudos to all involved. Great work Fedora team!

  21. Canute

    Wonderful!!, been running Fedora on Lenovo for ~7 years, no looking back!

  22. It’s excellent news for everyone who wants a working laptop and doesn’t want to use macOS

  23. Pranav

    The time has arrived where Linux distro ship by default on Laptops.

    Big thanks to Lenovo.

    • Sebastiaan

      It’s been doing that for a few years, just not Fedora. Dell sells models preloaded with Ubuntu, and HPE sells models (not many, mostly desktops) with RHEL. System76 sells machines with Ubuntu, and I’m running Fedora on one.

  24. ardevd

    My favorite OS with my favorite line if laptops. Exciting stuff. I’m curious to know whether the affected models will shop with fully compatible hardware however. Previous X1 Carbons have shipped with WWAN modems and fingerprint readers that do not work under Linux at all. Hopefully we will see Linux support for all components but I fear Lenovo will just remove the option for WWAN and fingerprint reader if you opt for Fedora pre-installed. Any thoughts?

    • Josh

      I’m hoping the same thing; the X1 Carbon 8th generation would be perfect, if the WWAN works out-of-the-box.

      • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

        That would be the sweetest machine in the history of history…

  25. Makis

    Does this mean that Lenovo will also provide technical support and not say “sorry, we only support Windows, we need a screenshot from vantage”? If yes, this could restore my ThinkPad love.

    • Hi – short answer is “yes”, and that’s one of the things we’re working on before we do the release (alongside some testing, regulation things etc). I suspect there will be a learning curve here as support get used to it 🙂
      Note – there is the Lenovo web forum too which our Linux team keeps an eye on and help out on. Linked below (hopefully). We’ll be adding a dedicated Fedora section there soon…

      • Doc

        So you might be looking for support staff with Linux skills, preferably Fedora, I assume? 🙂

  26. This is super exciting, we’re looking at similar things at work. Will reach out separately to learn more 🙂

  27. Mario

    I have already Lenovo laptop with Fedora. Nothing new 😉

  28. dsl

    I hope that this comes with the possibility to do BIOS upgrades from Fedora. It has always ached me that most Lenovo laptops don’t support these kinds of flashing from linux and make me use WINE for it.

    • Yes, LVFS firmware support is a big part of this.

      • Mark Pearson

        Totally agree and LVFS support is an important part of what we are delivering.
        BIOS updates for all our linux supported platforms is available now and we’re working on improving how much firmware we can deliver via LVFS – our coverage is getting much better and we’re working with vendors to close the gaps.

      • Wade Mealing

        That is -awesome-

    • Bob

      What are you talking about? You can already do BIOS upgrades fwupd manager…

  29. Great news. But what about the old machines. I own T495, Will it be supported?

  30. Dimitris

    Anything on the Intel/Fibocom WWAN modems? They are often required on higher-spec configurations, and anyway they’re very useful and better UX than tethering.

    The one on my T495 has very hacky/spotty support:, so it’s basically not fit for production use.

  31. John O'Dwyer

    Amazing news! Congrats to all at Red Hat, Fedora and Lenovo!

    One question, will it be Silverblue?

  32. Hoschi

    Nice! Inevitable question:
    Where are the X13 and T14 with Fedora? The workhorses.

  33. Federico

    This is huge!

    I’ve been running Fedora on ThinkPads for a lifetime now and it has always been absolutely great!

    Congratulation to the Fedora Team for this great achievement!

  34. Our installer aims to make the complicated process of installing Fedora to replace another operating system as easy as possible

    I don’t agree. I like Anaconda, but it’s design is RHEL-specific and enterprise-specific. While I don’t like Ubuntu as much as Fedora, I must say that UX of Ubuntu installer is MUCH MUCH better than Anaconda’s experience. Anaconda is designed for IT specialists while Ubuntu installer is easy-to-use and tries to solves problems automatically.

  35. Jose Bibiano Varela Najera

    I want one!!!!!!!!

  36. I commend Lenovo for the high quality of his hardware, and finally now this commitment to opensource. I’m thrilled! After two Thinkpad, T and X1, both with Archlinux, I cannot be other than happy!

  37. Matti

    That’s nice and all, but you guys (meaning Fedora team) need to tell Lenovo need to look at their LVFS/fwupd capsule update files and include the option to keep our custom boot logo. Every time I install a new BIOS version via fwupdmgr the thing resets the BIOS logo, removing my custom Fedora logo and replacing it with their ugly Lenovo again, ruining my nice flicker-free boot experience. I need to download the bootable CD image and use genisoimage to create a USB flash drive to insert my custom logo again every darn time. The Windows version of the BIOS update software allows users to keep their existing boot logo.

    • Hi – Consider Lenovo told 🙂 That being said – I have no idea about the specifics involved and will have to ask the BIOS team so no promises on a solution. I will look into it and discuss with the firmware team.
      If you have a minute can you post the question on our Lenovo Linux forum – it makes my life a little easier for tracking it and posting updates.

      • Matti

        Will do, but in which section, and what post/topic title should I use to make it as easy as possible to get your people’s attention?

        I know this issue was brought up with Richard Hughes, the LVFS/fwupd maintainer, more than a year ago. According to this (dated, I realize, so there may have been updates I’m not aware of), he pinged Lenovo but hasn’t gotten a reply back so far;

        Thanks for taking the time, Mark 🙂

        • Mark Pearson

          Oops – turns out if you click on my name above it goes to the site…but it would have been smarter to actually put it in the message. My bad:

          We’re going thru a few teething issues with our forum since it moved location a month or so ago – but my team keep an eye on it and try and answer as many questions as we can. Your above question is now in our internal bug tracking system and has been sent off to the BIOS team so I’ll see what they say.

  38. john

    So any time i get a computer I should use the Hardware Probe app to try to get support for drivers?

  39. Lucho

    Gread notice!!!!… Although this line of notebooks is not economical, I am very sure that Lenovo will finally make these excellent machines for those of us who also want Linux on business desks.

  40. Lukas Piekarski

    The best system in the world met the best laptops in the world! Matthew, this is a great news!
    I already have Fedora installed on all my ThinkPads and it works very smooth and stable.

    • Avinesh Kumar

      Well said Lukas Piekarski. IBM, Intel have one of the best hardware while Redhat has one of the best open source software. I use Lenovo also and will promote all these brands.

  41. Rob

    Will they ship with coreboot too or is it too much to ask for?

  42. Eric Nicholls

    It’s a dream come true. The planets are aligning to let Fedora become the next big thing.

    BTW, I twitted this on 04-APR-2020:

  43. Richyman

    Good news ! Happy 👍

  44. Jon Ram

    I just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad P1 Gen2, no options for other OS pre-installed. But still, you just made my friday Matt. Gracias.

    I felt adventurous and installed F32 Beta, rough around the edges but overall I’m a happy fedorean.

    Also bought a Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2, but I haven’t been able to use it cause it isn’t working properly yet, not even with firmware downgrade.

  45. James Cooper

    Well done!

  46. Kod3 Monk3y

    Fedora run great on my Lenovo Thinkpad l390. Also on the yoga pro 2!

    What about stylus support! Are there going to be any open drivers for the active stylus for laptops such as the l380 Thinkpad?

  47. Somebody

    Will these notebooks ship with Libreboot or Coreboot? Or will they support it? It seems to me that this should also be priority

  48. Pablo

    I hope the support is for old machines too. My W520 works very well with F31, should it be better in F32 and later?

    • Komsan

      I hopefully it will be working in back-compatibility too, especially a great sound driver for my L380 🙂

  49. love this, I use Fedora on my thinkpad T450s for few years. Really exited with this, cant wait for 28-29 april

  50. Silje

    This is fantastic! Which one is in competition with the Dell XPS-series (13″ and 15″)?

  51. Put out a Ryzen 2 Thinkpad with Fedora and I pick one up ASAP.
    It’s not Linux friendly if there is a Nvidia chip in it.

  52. Jason

    This is fantastic and almost a dream come true, I currently use Fedora on my Lenovo T480 at work. Truth is, starting with T440p / T540p era I kinda gave up on ThinkPad‘s privately at home and in my suggestions, but this news might just revive my ThinkPad love.
    Lenovo has clearly proven good taste in its choice of the Distribution.

  53. Andrew Jennings

    Awesome news! Thank you for your work making this happen, @Mark Pearson, and great to see you involved in the comments thread.

    Even though my 10-year old E520 refuses to break, I’ll be buying one.

  54. Benjamin Esquivel

    This is great news, I am already a happy Lenovo/Fedora user and when I’m due for a hardware upgrade, it will be a pre-installed Fedora on a Lenovo, no doubt.

    Mark and Matt, thank you for actively responding on this thread, I’m sure you can see that both Lenovo and Fedora are making a fantastic decision. I can announce you that Fedora works great in the Lenovo ecosystem, consider the Lenovo USB-C docking station and the Lenovo Y44W10 monitor tested in production 🙂

    Mark, I know this will be tough but it’s worth a shot, can you please see if the Lenovo Y44W10 drivers and the Lenovo Artery (monitor settings app) are compiled for Fedora? when I bought this monitor a couple of months ago, I had to get my hands dirty setting up a windows machine just to perform config & SW upgrade in it.

    Thanks and I can’t wait to see the Fedora OS option in the Lenovo product page!

    • Mark Pearson

      Thanks! I’ll have to find out about the monitor (I’d quite like one of those myself!).
      Thanks for the note on the dock – we’ve been doing some work to improve dock support recently but it’s still work-in-progress (I know firmware update is a bit troublesome). Nice to know yours is working.

      • Benjamin

        I haven’t needed any software update to the dock and all ports work ok so I’d consider that ready.

  55. Manel

    So it will be an LTS fedora? Lenovo doesn’t ask for a extended support for the OS intalled on their computers?

    • It will be the standard Fedora Workstation. “Fedora Workstation” will continually be supported — focus more on that than version numbers.

      • David Frantz

        It would be great if you could be more specific. The reason here is that many of use prefer to avoid the twice a year OS churn.

        The other thing that you likely can’t comment on, is AMD Ryzen based machines. I realize that AMD GPU drivers still leave lot to be desired but I have a hard time sending my money to INTEL. Otherwise AMD is an all around better laptop solution these days.

  56. Benjamin Esquivel

    Lenovo + Fedora = Lenora.

  57. tak

    Great, am using X395 with Ryzen 3500 , hope the support for fingerprint reader will be available on AMD machines too.

  58. Omer

    It is nice but also a bit double.
    For my daily use i have a Lenovo T60.
    But with Fedora dropping support for 32bit I will not be able to use this nice Distro anymore.

  59. Quero

    ill buy it! I have a budget of $1,200

    • I don’t know details, but that should put you in the ballpark, assuming the prices will be comparable to the current X1 Carbon G7. As this first effort is proved successful, I’d love to have more budget options too. Please ask Lenovo for them!

  60. Aravah

    Great news! 😀 Really exciting development and opportunity to mainstream Fedora for notebooks.
    Fedora on Lenovo smart phones next?

  61. Andrew

    I think selling it without H264 support is a bad idea. If they decide to use Firefox or Chromium they wont be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video or videos of Facebook and won’t understand why. Even if they install Chrome they won’t be able to watch videos they take with there phone on the video app. I think you should have allowed that one propriety thing it’s just too important to not have on every device.

    • We do have H264 support through a deal with Cisco. The problem is not that it’s proprietary (in fact, it’s open source!). The problem is that it’s encumbered by a patent license. See

      • Andrew

        Installing that package doesn’t actually give full H264 support to Firefox or Chromium. Try it. I understand it’s recommended but it doesn’t actually work, either an extra (undocumented) step is needed or it only gives certain limited H264 support needed for video chatting.

        • Giovanni Fabbro

          The usual codec problems are resolved by installing the multimedia packs from RPM Fusion from the instructions here: . It’s something I do on most installs meant for general desktop use that require video playback, since many of the common codecs are patent-encumbered or closed source.

    • me

      sudo dnf install x264

  62. JvB

    yeah! i was thinking about getting a thinkpad for private use because of great linux support anyhow. since i mainly use fedora, this is another reason for me to get one! also my work macbook is soon to be replaced and i would love to go thinkpad. fedora pre installed will be a good argument for our internal it guys to support linux on thinkpad! great news!

  63. Roland

    Good news, Have you already an ETA, like will this be available by june or is more like and of the year?

    I have to replace one of my laptops, and reading I am wondering if I should buy a librem 13, like the previous one or a lenovo with fedora pre-installed.

    • I’ve been asked to not make any promises on timing. I would be surprised if something delays this until as late as end of year, though.

      • Roland

        Cool, I will definitively wait, a few months.

        • Mark Pearson

          Unless something crazy happens (which until Covid19 I would have said is unlikely…it’s kinda hard to predict the world at the moment) then a waiting a few months should cover you 😉 I’m checking on what I’m allowed to say about release dates but I think it’s safe to say we are working on getting this done sooner rather than later.

  64. isak

    good news, but I’m not surprised I’ve used it for the past five years

  65. 0xtrzy

    Pytanie czy Linux wykosi szpiegowskie oprogramowanie. Czy beda bezpieczniejsze czy nie.
    Jestem bardzo zadowolony, to może byc wreszcie rok linuxa (oczywiście ze względu na kryzys ekonomiczny, nie łudzmy się), ale bezpieczeństwo jest bardzo istotne.

  66. Yazan Al Monshed

    Awesome news, that looking very Good.

  67. Mike

    Love the fact that it’s going to be available world wide and from the sounds of it on multiple different models?

    Already sounds like a better thing that Dell did when they offered Ubuntu. But it was hard to find on their site, only available in the US. (I’m in Canada) and only available on one 13inch XPS model.

    I’ve always found Lenovo the best hardware to run Linux on. Now I’m torn between Lenovo or Purism laptops for their hardware kill switches. The only thing that is holding me back from getting one of their laptops is no integrated ethernet.

  68. K

    2 Issues which I faced:

    My recent lenovo purchase has “NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Max-Q 4GB GDDR5”
    1. It is impossible to install fedora with Nouveau enabled on laptop with above GPU. Laptop hangs, overheat or just restart repeatedly.

    Also, currently have to disable secure boot, just because of linux nvidia driver. Hopefully this could be resolved in future with this great news.

    • Mark Pearson

      For all these platforms we’ve been doing rigourous testing to make sure they work out the box with nouveau – I appreciate that it’s often a source of headaches 🙂
      At the moment I believe we’ll be shipping with nouveau enabled unless something crops up in our last rounds of testing.

    • Giovanni Fabbro

      Any system with dual-graphics will have that issue too, since even AMD’s open source drivers aren’t the best for those systems.

      The best advice regarding this comes from the developer of the Sway window manager, which only runs on Wayland:

      “Tip: buy your hardware with open source support in mind.”

      Wayland is the path to the future for window management on Linux, not leftover X11 code from Unix. Bear this in mind when purchasing a laptop with dual graphics or an NVIDIA GPU. Integrated graphics is just a simpler prospect.

  69. Great news!Happy to here

  70. David

    Hope they fix their Linux CPU throttling issues. Kind of pointless why I have to run my Fedora guest OS in a Windows Virtualbox host to keep my CPU up to speed.

    • Mark Pearson

      All three platforms will have the updated thermal firmware that solves the CPU throttling. It should be available before we start shipping the Fedora platforms but I’m leaving myself a little bit of wriggle room (just in case…).

  71. jc

    Hopefully they will do some backwards compatibility effort too, F31 is a no go regarding power management on a P52.

  72. Sanjay

    Could you please tell me its also available in India

  73. candide

    Coreboot or Libreboot would make it seriously open. Yes.

  74. Bayu Sanjaya

    Are this ship with LibreBoot/CoreBoot or proprietary uefi?
    Are the Intel management engine disabled completely?

  75. Jens

    Nice idea. I have a T410 and a T540p and would try it

  76. Muhammad

    Wowww, Its an amazing step, congrats Red Har. Performance of thinkpads on fedora is outclass.

  77. Arlow

    I want to love this and throw $1,500 bucks at this… but can you run Microsoft Office suite (outlook, excel, word) on Fedora? How about Slack?

    Those are my only two “must haves” that I question.

  78. Joe Pesco

    A great step in the right direction.

  79. Eddie G.

    OMG!…..FINALLY! I have been using Fedora since 2002!…and I have installed it on LOTS of different hardware, but so far?…the T-420 ThinkPad I installed it on..has been going strong now since 2011! (When I first got the T-420! And we’re now in the year 2020 and that ThinkPad? is STILL MY DAILY DRIVER!… so this makes perfect sense to me. I can only ask what took them so long! LoL! Congratulations to the Fedora Community for finally having “corporate” sponsorship! Nothing else validates you as when a major (and believe me…Lenovo IS one of the heavy hitters in the hardware / consumer products arena!) back your OS / product / service. Now?…I can proudly wear my Fedora swag with PRIDE! Not like I haven’t done so before..but now….we have Lenovo in our corner!! (Speaking of Fedora swag, where all else can someone get it?…besides “” and “”? Just curious.

  80. willy

    This is a good news.
    What about already purchased laptops? P1, P53, will they be oficially supported too?

    • Mark Pearson

      Interesting question…I’m not sure what the official policy is (I’ll check) but our Linux team will do their best to support you regardless (I appreciate right now getting the support is tricky – the easiest way is via the lenovo forum).
      I’d expect this project to make life easier for customers as the support team will be expecting linux questions and we’re doing training internally to get ready for it.
      I’m guessing it will be a learning curve for everybody but we’re doing our best to get as ready as we can be.

      • willy

        Got it.
        And hardware will be the same without any revision for Fedora Edition laptops?

        Thank you.

        • Mark Pearson

          Correct – no HW changes involved.

  81. svsv sarma

    I am happy Fedora is honored and given its due place. I hope other brands {HP, Dell etc.} will follow suit. But it makes no difference for Fedora greatness as we get Branded PCs w/o OS preinstalled. I got my HP note book long back, installed F25 and upgrading Fedora since then. Hearty congratulations FEDORA.

  82. Graham S

    I currently use Fedora Workstation on My Lenovo Ideapad C340 and it works very well. I use the Gnome DE which really looks really polished and is such a joy to use with touchscreen.

  83. Roy

    Congratulations to Fedora’s team.

  84. Ronaldo Nascimento

    How will it handle Secure Boot with NVIDIA drivers with a LUKS encrypted partition? I would really like to see that working on a laptop.

  85. eman

    Fantastic news! That locks in Lenovo as my next upgrade from my current laptop.

    I hope they also offer a dual OS configuration. Whilst I use Fedora as my daily, there are still too many professional applications only available on Windows 🙁

  86. Peter

    Will the Thinkpad P53 with HiDPI display support an attached non-HiDPI display with per-display resolution scaling? If so, will this work with xorg, wayland, or both?

  87. Giovanni Fabbro

    I’m keeping watch for any big ARM news, especially when it comes to ARM GPU support of GNOME 3 and hardware video acceleration everywhere, not just local video file playback in one specific application.

  88. heksiNglish kibord for lainAks fedora lAptop

  89. batisteo

    On the keyboard, what will be the sign on the Meta/Super key?

    • Benjamin

      analog to what they do with windows to put the windows logo, Lenovo should put the fedora logo in the meta/super key.

  90. That is awesome! So glad to hear this! Fedora is underrated and this will help announce the brand quite well!

  91. DMH

    The Lenovo team should get this up on their website ASAP! I just went to look for more information and searching for “fedora” from the store (gb-en version) yielded no results and revealed an error in their string formatting code: Your Search for “{0}” didn’t match any results fedora ” did not match any results.

  92. I literally bought an IdeaPad S540 just this week and set up F31 on it. Have acpi issues. Does this mean that standard-issue F32 behave better in this regard?

  93. Tom

    broadcom wifi card does not work in fedora

  94. NickSt

    Congrats! Could you be more specific about the release date? I’m looking to buy a new machine in the coming 2 months.

  95. Victor Ramirez

    I already have my Lenovo X1C6 working great on Fedora since F30. Battery lasts about 10 hours. Works smoothly, hardly ever heats up. Only problem is recently lost “volume boost”. Great to hear this announcement which means more compatibility for us Lenovo users.

  96. lemc

    I wholly agree with readers aidsla and svsv sarma. It would be great if other renowned brands, such as HP and Dell, also offered Fedora preinstalled. I have been installing Fedora on HP laptops for over six years now, and they have excellent compatibility.

  97. Luis

    This absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait. I have an X395 and a P51 that I would love to have the fingerprint reader working again!! Thank you for the awesome work.

  98. e44

    Is possible upgrade from linux
    motherboard firmware?
    Wifi/ethernet firmware
    GPU firmware
    sleep / hibernate
    crypto functions on procesor using in linux kernel? and in other programs? fingerprints in board etc.


  99. I have P52 with Fedora, only issue I see is with Ultra USB 3.0 Docking Station. Monitor is not recognized.

    Fingerprint reader not tested.

    BIOS Update. I would like to see an option to do it from Fedora without create boot USB.

  100. Truly when someone doesn’t undwrstand afterward its up
    to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place.

  101. I really hope they can fix the fingerprint reader so it works with Fedora…otherwise, I’m already using a ThinkPad P1 (Gen1) with dedicated nVidia Graphics.

  102. Ahmed H.

    Awesome news!

  103. Mr.Coder

    This would be great except for the fact that anyways i would have to reinstall de OS since Lenovo has a reputation to installing Spywares on the pre-installed OS of their machines, even most windows users when buying a Lenovo machine they reinstall de OS just in case :/

  104. Alfonso

    Want absolutely one of it !!!

  105. suvayu

    I have been holding off getting a laptop for quite a while. I hope some AMD models are included, because I’m not buying no Intel in the age of Ryzen :-/.

  106. John

    Please support Lenovo Chromebooks

    I think there are some real benefits for users being able to use Fedora on their Chromebooks:

    There a huge number of Chromebooks being sold but there are a relatively small number of models of Chromebook meaning any additional compatibility would impact a lot of machines.
    Chromebooks are bought in large quantities by school and other organisations, (60% of computers purchased by schools in the United States in 2018), being able to install Fedora on them would give them extra functionality and also give them a second life to Chromebooks being sold on after the institution has upgraded or support has finished for that model.
    Chromebooks are relatively cheap, it seems likely that many Chromebooks are being purchased by people who cannot afford more expensive machines.
    Expands functionality especially for people with limited or intermittent access to internet connections.
    Allows users to increase their privacy on the devices they have
    A large percentage of Chromebooks are being bought for children and it would be an opportunity to expose them to open source.

    I’m sure there would be other benefits, please do list others

    Currently there is only on way to install Fedora on a Chromebook:

    A dual boot option you can install Fedora and also Gallium OS which is a distro based on Ubuntu specifically for Chromebooks. However this is limited to some Chromebooks because of lack of driver support.

    It also may be possible to have it running on the same kernel like Ubuntu does:
    Have it running on top of the same kernel as ChromeOS and be able to switch between them…ook#1-overview


  107. LinOVO

    Here is to hoping that we can properly use GPU passthrough in VMs on Lenovo machines with integrated and Nvidia cards. This will be a game changer.

  108. wffger

    I ‘m looking forward to seeing HUAWEI + Fedora.

  109. Daniel

    I hope some of their more affordable models will be available with fedora too! will be happy to get one and make the switch!

  110. greenie

    Buy the X1 8th Gen now and just add F32 or wait?

  111. Mark Pearson

    Depends on your needs really.

    If you need a system now then F32 works nicely with it – so it is a good option.

    If you can hold off for a couple of months (ish) until we are shipping the Fedora pre-installed version that really helps both the Lenovo Linux team and Fedora as the sale will be counted as a Fedora system.

    As a side note – the delay between ship starting and us having the Linux systems available is because this is the first time doing this – there’s a bunch of internal process that has to happen (and the X1C8 is going through it’s final test cycle). I’m expecting in the future Linux users won’t have to wait and appreciate your patience in the meantime

  112. Phrek

    i have a levono ideapad 320 it will work in there ?

  113. wilkongjan

    How about the fingerprint logon ?

  114. LorenDB

    Will the work done to put Fedora on these laptops be applicable to other distros? I personally prefer Ubuntu and I’m curious if I could somehow take the improvements made to Fedora and apply them to Ubuntu.

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