, in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic is one of the most popular free software conferences in the region. It brings together hundreds of developers, enthusiasts, and engineers to discuss and collaborate on new technology.

But what happens when DevConf completely fills up? It happened last year, with about a thousand attendees. It would be a shame to miss out on all this open source goodness.

Don’t worry, you can still attend the conference from the comfort of your chair. The conference will be broadcasting on the Red Hat Czech YouTube channel. So you can tune in live starting with the 9:00 am (CET, UTC+1) keynote. And if you’re already busy during the conference days, you’ll be able to see videos of talks after the event.

If you visit the schedule site, you can see a lineup of all the talks being held. Then you can visit just the virtual talks you care most about. And no need to scramble for last-minute travel to Brno!

(Image courtesy of Jan Kaláb, CC-BY-SA)