Announcing Fedora Linux 36

Today, I’m excited to share the results of the hard work of thousands of Fedora Project contributors: our latest release, Fedora Linux 36, is here!

By the community, for the community

Normally when I write these announcements, I talk about some of the great technical changes in the release. This time, I wanted to put the focus on the community that makes those changes happen. Fedora isn’t just a group of people toiling away in isolation — we’re friends. In fact, that’s one of our Four Foundations.

One of our newest Fedora Friends, Juan Carlos Araujo said it beautifully in a Fedora Discussion post:

Besides functionality, stability, features, how it works under the hood, and how cutting-edge it is, I think what makes or breaks a distro are those intangibles, like documentation and the community. And Fedora has it all… especially the intangibles.

We’ve worked hard over the years to make Fedora an inclusive and welcoming community. We want to be a place where experienced contributors and newcomers alike can work together. Just like we want Fedora Linux to be a distribution that appeals to both long-time and novice Linux users.

Speaking of Fedora Linux, let’s take a look at some of the highlights this time around. As always, you should make sure your system is fully up-to-date before upgrading from a previous release. This time especially, because we’ve squashed some very important upgrade-related bugs in F34/F35 updates. Your system upgrade to Fedora Linux 36 could fail if those updates aren’t applied first.

Desktop improvements

Fedora Workstation focuses on the desktop, and in particular, it’s geared toward users who want a “just works” Linux operating system experience. As usual, Fedora Workstation features the latest GNOME release: GNOME 42. While it doesn’t completely provide the answer to life, the universe, and everything, GNOME 42 brings a lot of improvements. Many applications have been ported to GTK 4 for improved style and performance. And two new applications come in GNOME 42: Text Editor and Console. They’re aptly named, so you can guess what they do. Text Editor is the new default text editor and Console is available in the repos.

If you use NVIDIA’s proprietary graphics driver, your desktop sessions will now default to using the Wayland protocol. This allows you to take advantage of hardware acceleration while using the modern desktop compositor.

Of course, we produce more than just the Editions. Fedora Spins and Labs target a variety of audiences and use cases, including Fedora Comp Neuro, which provides tools for computational neuroscience, and desktop environments like Fedora LXQt, which provides a lightweight desktop environment. And don’t forget our alternate architectures: ARM AArch64, Power, and S390x.

Sysadmin improvements

Fedora Linux 36 includes the latest release of Ansible. Ansible 5 splits the “engine” into an ansible-core package and collections packages. This makes maintenance easier and allows you to download only the collections you need. See the Ansible 5 Porting Guide to learn how to update your playbooks.

Beginning in Fedora Server 36, Cockpit provides a module for provisioning and ongoing administration of NFS and Samba shares. This allows administrators to manage network file shares through the Cockpit web interface used to configure other server attributes.

Other updates

No matter what variant of Fedora Linux you use, you’re getting the latest the open source world has to offer. Podman 4.0 will be fully released for the first time in Fedora Linux 36. Podman 4.0 has a huge number of changes and a brand new network stack. It also brings backwards-incompatible API changes, so read the upstream documentation carefully.

Following our “First” foundation, we’ve updated key programming language and system library packages, including Ruby 3.1, Golang 1.18 and PHP 8.1. 

We’re excited for you to try out the new release! Go to and download it now. Or if you’re already running Fedora Linux, follow the easy upgrade instructions. For more information on the new features in Fedora Linux 36, see the release notes.

In the unlikely event of a problem…

If you run into a problem, visit our Ask Fedora user-support forum. This includes a category for common issues.

Thank you everyone

Thanks to the thousands of people who contributed to the Fedora Project in this release cycle. We love having you in the Fedora community. Be sure to join us May 13 – 14 for a virtual release party!

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  1. Brad Smith

    Really well done. A big thank you to all maintainers, team members, and contributors.

  2. Victor R

    Awesome!. Downloading …. A big one this release is.

  3. Joel

    They did a great job with this new version of Fedora. I congratulate the development team for their excellent work. I’m currently using the beta version, I’ll move on to the stable one.

  4. Pablo Carrizo

    Felicitaciones a todo el equipo! Fedora ha sido mi distribución favorita desde hace mucho tiempo.

    Agradezco profundamente a cada persona que contribuye al éxito y liderazgo de este proyecto.

    Muchas gracias!

  5. Charles


  6. w_decoder

    Fedora is always worth waiting for.

  7. Adilson Miguel

    Wow finally the wait is over, congrats fedora project team for the hard work, I have been using fedora 36 beta for quite some time, now how can I upgrade to fedora 36 final release??

  8. Feda

    Congratulations on the new release. I’m looking forward to upgrading from Fedora 35. Fedora keeps getting better. Thank you for your hard work.

  9. Hi Mattew, it is very greatful to install Fedora 36 on my hardware. I am a mathemathic professor and Fedora help me very much on my daily task.

    • Mehdi

      Just curious Angel, what software do you use on Fedora that help you with your mathematical teaching? Should be insightful and inspiring and could subject of a very good “How do you Fedora?” article.

  10. cr0t0

    My congratulations to the team Fedora!

  11. Verolomstvo

    alt+shift toggles language BUT the language icon doesn’t change in the panel

  12. Xiaoliang Yu

    I read from Fedora Wiki that wayland would be set as default on single-GPU machines running propetiary driver, but my optimus-based laptop has been defaulted to wayland too, is that correct?

  13. oldkid

    The biggest improvement that I notice is that, updating a Gnome extension finally works!

  14. Tom

    I’m a month and a half with the beta version that worked great on a few different computers. Fedora is always the best on the market. They have the best merchandise on the market.

  15. Peter

    A sweet update, a great work done by Fedora team

  16. Yay! Happy to be part of the Fedora family!

  17. Taylor

    Great job. Unfortunately when trying to encrypt the installation, no matter what keyboard layout you have chosen (in my case, Latin American Spanish), it will always use the US layout.
    That is a bug.

  18. Nice! Now I can stop my distrohopping, thanks 🙂

  19. Sumir Seth


  20. NoMad

    I just want to thank those people for making Fedora what it is. Best Desktop Distro I’ve used. It just works. Updates and Upgrades have never caused me trouble, even with an “unusual” setup (encrypted root, LVM on LUKS). This is Linux how it was meant to be.

  21. David

    Thanks, great distro! Love the KDE spin. The upgrade went without a hitch, like last time .

  22. Outstanding…. Been using 35 for a while, convert from Ubuntu and What A Difference!! Keep up the outstanding work!!! -dgr

  23. Keith Manning

    Well done! Onward and upward!

  24. Isleif

    This evening I will download it. Superb effort and whilst using Silverblue, the best GNU/Linux distribution there is.

  25. ED Nuñez

    Excelente experiencia usando Fedora, la nueva version es muy buena.

    Una felicitacion a todo el equipo de Fedora por el increible trabajo.

  26. Steve g

    Can I upgrade via sudo dnf upgrade command line?

  27. Mehdi

    Congratulations and thanks to the Fedora developers and community

  28. Kernow

    What about the release date for Silverblue and Kinoite 36? I had expected them to be release at the same time as the WS edition.

  29. Diego Alvarez

    What a beautiful and yet really powerful masterpiece of software. Congrats to the developer team and the community 🙂

  30. Adrian

    Thanks for all the efforts, to me this is the best and most suitable linux distro I ever used in the past 20 years. Whishing all of you lots of beer, shoulder taps and the general sense of appreciation for your work! 😉

  31. Jim

    Upgraded – but I’m still on xll and not wayland. I’m using Cinnamon desktop, do I have to do something extra?

    • Kamil

      Cinnamon doesn’t seem to support Wayland at this moment.

      • Jim

        Yeah, thanks, I went googling after I posted and saw that. Darn. I don’t want to give up my Cinnamon desktop…

        • Aaron

          Thanks for the post Jim. I’m on Cinnamon as well and really hate GNOME (can’t stand it). So guess I’ll delay updating to fedora 36 (I’m on 33 right now).

  32. Leslie Satenstein, Montreal,Que

    There are a few good YouTube videos that portray Fedora 36 as the best Distro today, that is available for immediate download.

    “Stephen’s Tech Talks” and “TylersTechNow” are to name two such presenters.

    Links are:

    Both presentors are in English

    Each is well worth the watch

  33. news

    never a problem with Fedora.
    All works perfectly.

    Thanks a lot. Great work as usual.

  34. rscm

    Can’t rebase to Silverblue 36, there’s an error updating the “updates-archive” repo. Please fix it

  35. Manprit Singh

    Thanks to the Fedora community. I use Fedora Python classroom to teach Python

  36. Isleif

    As I said, I just installed a couple of minutes ago, flawlessly and after my Gnome extensions were set in, it is beautiful and bright. Very elegant and with lots of customisation. My best wishes of success to all of you involved.

  37. Frederik

    “While it doesn’t completely provide the answer to life, the universe, and everything.”
    That would be “the great question about life, the universe and everything”, and yes, GNOME 42 does provide the answer (the answer is 42 and you’re not going to like it).

  38. Bill Davidsen

    The last Fedora which would use qemu-kvm to run Mint or Ubuntu was on the 5.16 kernel. Not just a new Ubuntu version but out on 20.04 or so which I’ve used for several years. The first 5.17.4 didn’t work, and the latest 36 and 5.17.5 is still not working so I can clear for other distributions for a few apps got on Fedora.

  39. Great news. Downloading

  40. Verolomstvo

    HP Pavilion 15 eh1083ur – Fedora 36 works great out of the box.

  41. Andrew

    I always get a bit nervous with upgrades. If you only use a Radeon card (which I do) or Intel gfx, and only software from the main repos or rpmfusion, then it’s mostly a piece of cake to upgrade, but I’ve got a Steam library that must not be broken. I’ve got a razer hardware repo that must work after upgrade, plus repos for Amiga emulators, special flatpaks from god knows where for Vice emulator… it all adds up, and makes an upgrade a toil by having to check all sources before you start. I dislike having to get software from other sources, but when there’s something you really want, and it’s not offered, then you end up compromising. I’m mostly miffed by FS-UAE and Vice that decided to release as flatpaks because their main repo versions are broken.

  42. Benjamin


  43. Brian Reading

    Congrats to all of the Fedora Project on releasing another great-looking version of Fedora Linux.

  44. Cliff Wells

    A lot of the changes in 42 were positive, but I have to warn anyone with vision issues who requires a low-contrast theme that you’ll want to hold off updating as there’s no way to select a low-contrast theme.

    I’m having to desktop-shop for the first time in years.

  45. Ethan Bergstrom

    Invoked the upgrade for my Silverblue 35 workstation (with an RTX 3070 leveraging proprietary drivers) via Software Center.

    The entire upgrade process was quick and easy, and other than double-checking whether the session switched to Wayland and I hadn’t dropped into Nouveau somehow, never had to interact with the command line once.

    Awesome work, team!

  46. mgm

    Vielen Dank an die Entwickler, wirklich gute Arbeit.


  47. William Bode

    Running 36 on three computers at work and home and glad to be using a solid system!

  48. ewrew

    please add Polish language section to documentation and forum.

  49. Paolo

    Many thanks for the effort!!!

  50. abufarah

    Thanks to Fedora Team

  51. Mehdi

    Hi Matthhew,
    The upgrade link you provided returns a 404!

  52. sirhcton

    Deja-Dup Backups’ restore function is broken in Fedora 36. I tried various methods after my problems, thinking it might be something about my backup files, but am pretty sure it’s Fedora 36’s Deja-Dup. I created a clean installation, copied some files to it, and made a backup. I deleted the files and then tried a restore to original locations. It choked with “InvalidBackendURL: missing // – relative paths not supported for scheme invalid: invalid://” I F35 still works as it should.

  53. One of the best Fedora release. I rebase from 35 to 36 on Silverblue and working perfectly. The most thing I like about Fedora 36 is screenshot option definitely because we have really bad trouble on Wayland regarding some applications like Flameshot. Keep up the great work guys. Thank you very much.

  54. sahil

    Fedora need focus on kde as primary enviornment.

    • Why'd want my name?

      Yup. Every distro needs to switch to KDE. But Fedora also NEEDS to disable the abomination called offline update. It’s simply stupid. If this becomes a trend among distros, I’ll just stop using Linux based distros and start my own based on LFS or Gentoo.

  55. Gnanesh

    Awesome release! Thank you so much guys for continue to improve what’s already a rock-solid distribution.

    Did run into a problem with Wayland crashing after booting up (I upgraded from 35 to 36), hope to find a solution quickly.

    Thanks again, keep rocking.

  56. Rick Fulford

    I usually do a lot of distro hoping. I installed Fedora 36 Gnome on my low end Lenovo, and, my hoping has stopped. It just works, perfectly I might add. No problems at all. Well done to all the folks at Fedora, now I’m very contented.

  57. Faisal

    Than you so much for great work… Love you Fedora

  58. Swell Topher

    Thank you! Everyone! You all do fantastic work, and we are all so appreciative.

  59. I will do my best, too ensure just too use fedora (or Linux) and avoid to jump between Os.
    I really adore all job done bye all of you.

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