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try out the calendar app california on Fedora 20

California is a new, simple, calendar app for Fedora from the Yorba crew (developers of shotwell and the geary email app). You can try out california on Fedora 20 using this COPR repo.

California is simple and to the point. It shows your calendar, appointments, and lets you add appointments too. Pretty much all you need from a calendar app. It is also integrated with the “evolution data server” (the backend service that stores calendar data in Fedora), so your calendars appear in the drop-down when you click the clock at the top of the Fedora desktop.

About Ryan Lerch

Ryan (website | twitter) is an designer that works on stuff for Fedora. He uses Fedora Workstation as his primary desktop, along with the best tools from the Libre Graphics world, notably, the vector graphics editor, Inkscape.


  1. John

    I was always jealous of Ubuntu and it’s ppas. Thankfully Fedora now offers something similar. Thanks Ryan for packaging this software. I am enjoying using it!

  2. Leslie Satenstein

    I would like to suggest that an app such as that be part of the Fedora 21+ offerings. I will wait for it to hit the rawhide repositories first.

  3. So I assume I could use this for syn with my ownCloud setup. That would be quite pleasant.