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Firefox 31 available in Fedora

Mozilla recently released Firefox version 31, and now this updated version of the Fedora default web browser is available for download in Fedora 20.


In addition to the normal security, rendering, and developer tool additions a firefox release gives you, Firefox 31 now adds a Web Search field in the new tab display. To get the new version of firefox, update as normal from the official Fedora repos, and the Fedora 19 repos should be updated soon with the new version.



About Ryan Lerch

Ryan (website | twitter) is an designer that works on stuff for Fedora. He uses Fedora Workstation as his primary desktop, along with the best tools from the Libre Graphics world, notably, the vector graphics editor, Inkscape.


  1. Hiisi

    Will it be available for f19?

    • The Fedora 19 update is still in testing:

      but it appears to have enough karma to be pushed with the next batch of updates into fedora 19, so you should see it in the F19 repos in the next few days.

      • Hiisi

        Thank you! Installed uzbl by another article recommendation. Having fun with it :)

  2. KBM

    Shouldn’t you be doing something about the dead space at the browser top bar? It’s not working great for smaller laptop screen in its current state.