Fedora 22 Workstation’s GNOME 3.16 desktop makes almost everything easy using a standard point and click interface. But one of the best reasons for using it is the power you can also get in the Terminal app. There’s a world of power available through that command line. And the new Terminal job notifications keep you in touch with the command line, even if you’re doing something else.

Sometimes when you run a task at the command line, you may have to wait a while for it to complete. If you’re like me, you probably move to a Web browser, or some other task. Who wants to waste time watching the screen, waiting for their computer? You could go read the news, see what your friends are up to online, or work on that amazing novel you’ve always wanted to write.

But often you’ll do that using an app that covers up the Terminal on the screen. That means you won’t know when your job finished.

With Fedora 22 Workstation, say goodbye to all that uncertainty. Fedora 22 Workstation includes GNOME 3.16’s feature for Terminal job notifications. With this feature, you’ll know when that long-running task is done.

If another app is in the foreground when a long-running job completes in the Terminal, you now get a handy notification.


Did you see the notifications come in via their handy, less intrusive location on the top bar? This puts you in command of your attention span. You might decide to go back to the Terminal and pick up where you left off. Or maybe you’d rather try to finish writing that cliffhanger in Chapter Seven of your novel