Posted on behalf of Jaroslav Reznik

This is a summary of FESCo’s accepted Fedora 21 Changes for week 11
(2014-03-12 meeting).

Reminder: the Change Submission deadline for System Wide Change is due in less
than three weeks!

= System Wide Changes =
* cron to systemd time units

Fix dependency on crontab in packages containing cron jobs as well as migrate cron
jobs that are applicable to native systemd timer units.

* System-wide crypto policy

Unify the crypto policies used by different applications and libraries. That is allow
setting a consistent security level for crypto on all applications in a Fedora system.
The implementation approach will be to initially modify SSL libraries to respect the
policy and gradually adding more libraries and applications.

* Access control in PCSC

Add access control to PC/SC smart cards available in the system. Adding access control
(a) prevent unauthorized processes/users from reading data on a smart card,
(b) prevent unauthorized processes/users from erasing a smart card,
(c) prevent unauthorized processes/users from talking to the smart card firmware

* Remove python-setuptools-devel

The python-setuptools package has carried a virtual Provide for python-setuptools-devel
since 2009 for backwards compatibility. We’re going to remove this virtual Provide.
Packages which still BuildRequire python-setuptools-devel will need to be updated to
Require: python-setuptools instead.

* Ruby 2.1

Ruby 2.1 is the latest stable version of Ruby, with major increases in speed, memory
efficiency and reliability. With this major update from Ruby 2.0.0 in Fedora 20 to
Ruby 2.1 in Fedora 21, alongside JRuby, Fedora becomes the superior Ruby development

* Lohit Odia Gurmukhi font naming

This is a change to make Lohit Oriya fonts name as per the guidelines by Odisha
governement and improve Lohit Punjabi font name to avoid confusion between Arabic and
Gurmukhi script fonts. It will change Lohit Oriya fonts to Lohit Odia and Lohit
Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi.

= Self Contained Changes =
* OpenCL

This change will bring basic OpenCL support to Fedora to support the development of OpenCL
enabled software and the development of OpenCL implementations itself. The change includes
enabling Mesa’s OpenCL state-tracker (in 10.0 with ICD support), packaging pocl – an CPU
only OpenCL implementation – and the introduction of several other OpenCL related packages.

The list of Changes to be discussed on the next FESCo meeting: