Final Term repo for Fedora updated

We previously reported about Final Term, a new terminal emulator for Fedora that features many nifty features including context menus, reflow, smart command completion and 24-bit colour in the terminal. Final Term is not yet in the official Fedora repositories, as it is still under heavy development, and the UI is still slightly buggy. That said, the COPR repo that provides Fedora packages for Final Term was recently updated (and has been periodically since it was created) with the new development versions from upstream. So if you still want to try out this new terminal, jump over to the COPR page, and follow the instructions there.


screencast of Final Term from


Fedora Project community


  1. Michael

    Cool, but does it do transparent backgrounds….?

  2. Turner

    I am hoping this can eventually become my terminal, but a feature I would need is multiple terminals in one window the way terminator does.

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