October 2013

Fedora Workstation Working Group

The initial Fedora Workstation Working Group has been formed and ratified by FESCo as of yesterday.  FESCo has appointed me as the coordinator and I am pleased to announce the following people as members of the initial voting group: Owen Taylor:… Continue Reading →

Fedora Cloud Working Group

I’m pleased to announce that the following people have agreed to be voting members of the initial working group: * James Antill — FPC member, yum maintainer. Will help with the tools we’ll need to build a brave new containerized… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week

This week is the Graphics Test Week where the QA Team will be testing graphics support for Fedora 20. We’ll be testing Intel drivers today, Radeon on Wednesday, NVIDIA on Thursday and Wayland on Friday. If you have time to… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Status and GNOME Test Day Thursday

Adam Williamson posted yesterday about some upcoming test days and the status of Fedora 20. Today is virtualization test day, and if you’re interested in virtualization and have a little time to spare, you should grab the test day live… Continue Reading →

FUDCon LATAM: Cusco 2013

Last week a brave group of Fedora contributors climbed more than 3,400 meters to meet in the heart of the Peruvian Andes at FUDCon Cusco, facing the thin air and the cold. There they found one of the most passionate group… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Release Milestone Banners

If you’ve wondered about Fedora 20 release banners, the answer is: YES, they’re ready! They can be found here. Fedora 20 release banners are SVG images that can be used on websites and blogs. This is what one of the… Continue Reading →

Fedora Marketing Meeting – October 28th, 2013

Today we had our Fedora Marketing meeting in #fedora-meeting. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. Chairing the meeting was suehle, jzb, and croberts. Also attending the meeting was roshi, mitzie, and threebean. We covered where the marketing team is as far… Continue Reading →

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