September 2013

Using Docker with Fedora 19

Docker is getting all kinds of attention right now, and there’s plenty of interest in using Docker on Fedora as well. Naturally, some folks in the Fedora community have stepped up to get the ball rolling so Fedorans can start… Continue Reading →

Announcing the release of Fedora 20 Alpha!

The Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” alpha release has arrived with a preview of the latest fantastic, free, and open source technology currently under development. Let’s take a peek inside! What is the Alpha Release? The Alpha release contains all the… Continue Reading →

10 Years Ago: The Fedora Project was Announced

Today marks a major milestone for the Fedora Project, namely 10 years since Michael K. Johnson (the first Fedora Project Leader) announced (with tongue firmly in cheek) “the creation of the Fedora Project, a paradigm shift for Linux technology development… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Alpha is coming on September 24, 2013

At the Fedora 20 Alpha Go/No-Go Meeting #2 that just occurred, it was agreed to Go with the Fedora 20 Alpha by Fedora QA, Release Engineering and Development. Fedora 20 codename “Heisenbug” will be released on Tuesday, September 24, 2013…. Continue Reading →

Join Fedora

Looking to join Fedora, but dont know where to start? Take a look at this video 🙂 Uploaded on the Fedora Viemo channel.

About Fedora Infrastructure

Looking to see what Fedora Infrastructure is all about and possibly looking to join. Check out this video 🙂 Looking to get into the Fedora Infrastructure and you are good with programming and development. Check out this video 🙂 Uploaded… Continue Reading →

We Are Everywhere You Need

When I’ve heard that Fedora contributors will be present also in Tibet for localization I was very amazed! Who could have taken care about Translations? Who contacted the Project for this? In my “European” thoughts (maybe the same of the… Continue Reading →

CPOSC 2013

Central PA Open Source Conference(CPOSC) is a low cost, single day conference covering everything about Open Source.  The conference originally started in 2008 by a few members of the Central PA Linux User Group and the Central PA Ruby Meetup…. Continue Reading →

Fedora 20: No-go; release to slip one week

As of the readiness meeting held September 12, Fedora 20 will slip one week due to unresolved blockers. Read the meeting minutes. The release is now scheduled for December 3. see the blocker tracking app. As a result, all major milestones and their… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Moves Ahead With Wayland Tech Preview

If all goes according to plan by Red Hat engineers operating in conjunction with Intel, Fedora 20 will be the first tier-one Linux distribution with decent support for Wayland and a usable desktop environment having its own compositor. While Arch… Continue Reading →

Linux-Con NA 2013

LinuxCon North America is coming upon us September 15-18, 2013. LinuxCon North America, brings you one major venue, with over 100 sessions ranging from tutorials to deep technical dives and a whole lot more. Attendance is slated to be over… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Schedule Updates

Wondering when Fedora 20 is going to be released? Jaroslav Reznik sent out an update today clarifying the current Fedora 20 schedule. Reznik says “the schedule is on track, we are Alpha frozen now” as of September 3rd. Assuming all… Continue Reading →

How to use Ask Fedora website

Do you have any questions about fedora? is the place to find all your answers! How to use Ask Fedora Website from Fedora Project on Vimeo. By María “tatica” Leandro

Fedora GPG Key Server

The Fedora Infrastructure team is pleased to announce that is now up and running as a GPG keyserver. We are also part of the pool, which means that some people using will be directed to our server…. Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Final name Announced

Voting has concluded for the Fedora 20 release name, and the results are now available for viewing. The Fedora 20 release name is: Heisenbug For the non-software developers, as described by Wikipedia, “Heisenbug is a computer programming jargon term for… Continue Reading →

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