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Voting for Fedora 20 Name

The name suggestions for the Fedora 20 release have ended. It’s time to Vote!

Fedora Contributors can now cast their votes for the Fedora 20 release name. The suggestions are the following:

  • Chateaubriand
  • Cherry Ice Cream
  • Eigenstate
  • Félicette
  • Heisenbug
  • Österreich
  • Santa Claus
  • Superego

You can cast your vote here. Remember that you have to be a contributor, and be in at least one non-CLA group.

More information can be found here.

About Zacharias Mitzelos

Zacharias is an editor in Fedora Magazine and a Fedora Ambassador in Greece. He is also a Bitcoin enthusiast.


  1. riptide6060

    how bout fedora 20 dramamine?

  2. Zacharias

    I would vote Santa Claus! Because it will be released in xmas and it is a nice name for a distribution;) Fedora 20 Santa Claus!