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FESCo announces acceptance of Fedora.next PRDs

Recently, as part of the Fedora.next effort, FESCo has accepted the PRDs from
the following Working Groups:

– Workstation


– Server


– Cloud


– Environments and Stacks


FESCo would like to thank all the members of these working groups, and all
those that have contributed to these documents, for all their time and
effort on creating these on short notice, with next to no requirements, while
still doing their other Fedora work. Thanks to the all the contributors
that worked on this process.

We are now ready to move on to concrete technical plans for how the
products can be created, tested, distributed and marketed. Help Fedora
dream big and we can work with our infrastructure, QA, releng, websites,
design, translation and marketing teams to do great things for Fedora
21. We encourage those interested in these areas to check out these links
and participate in these communities and discussions, as we work together
to make Fedora the best it can be.

Bill Nottingham, on behalf of FESCo

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Hi my name is Chris Roberts. I am an avid user of Fedora and Red Hat Linux. I am one of the wiki administrators my job is to improve search and help keep our wiki organized. I also work in the Marketing, Design, and Websites team. You can basically say I wear many Fedora hats lol. I enjoy thinking of new ideas, and creating documents for the Fedora Project. I have avid experience in C++, C, Java, HTML. One of the biggest things that I enjoy is helping people learn Fedora, and trying to resolve any issues that they may have. I am always looking to meet new people and network.

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