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Saving laptop power with powertop.

If there’s one thing you want from a laptop, it’s long battery life. You want every drop of power you can get to work, read, or just be entertained on a long jaunt. So it’s good to know where your power is going. You can… Continue Reading →

Flock 2015 conference deadlines

Flock is the premier Fedora community conference for North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Flock will be held August 12-15 in Rochester, New York, USA. Pre-registration is open for the conference. Attendance is free and open to all. To… Continue Reading →

Terminal job notifications in Fedora 22 Workstation

GNOME 3.16’s Terminal job notifications let you know when a long-running background task is done. Fedora 22 Workstation includes this great new feature.

Fedora 22 Workstation’s new notifications

Fedora 22 features an overhauled notification system. See what is new, improved and shiny with notifications in Fedora 22

Attend from your seat, in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic is one of the most popular free software conferences in the region. It brings together hundreds of developers, enthusiasts, and engineers to discuss and collaborate on new technology. But what happens… Continue Reading →

NetworkManager 1.0 released!

A decade ago seems like a long time in open source. In those days, networking was not easy to configure in Linux systems like Fedora. Networking stacks didn’t play well with each other, and some used frequently today didn’t even… Continue Reading →

How to play audio on another Fedora system

A Fedora laptop is perfect for your everyday tasks, such as Web browsing or listening to media. But as we all know, laptops often lack “oomph” for sound, because they use small speakers that keep them light and easy to… Continue Reading →

How to select and set default applications in Fedora

Do you have a type of document you want to open with a specific default application in Fedora? For example, do you want to always open JPG or PNG files in The GIMP, WAV files in Audacity, or SVG files… Continue Reading →

Netflix streaming comes to Chrome for Fedora

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably tried to stream video on Linux systems like Fedora. And as with many for-pay services, your experience varied. As of the latest Google Chrome browser release, though, your troubles are over. On modern… Continue Reading →

Fedora 21 Alpha released

The Fedora 21 Alpha release has arrived, with a preview of the latest free and open source technology under development. Take a peek inside! Get the Pre-Release on! What is the Alpha release? The Alpha release contains all the… Continue Reading →

How to make a Live USB stick using GNOME Disks

Fedora Live ISO images allow you to make bootable CDs and DVDs from scratch. But did you know they can also be used to make bootable USB sticks as well? And did you further know, you can do this directly… Continue Reading →

Flock 2014 Day 3: Building an application installer from the ground up

PackageKit just isn’t a real solution. A software installer that actually deals with users’ needs is called for. This is a paraphrase of Richard Hughes first statement at his presentation on the GNOME Software and how to connect users to… Continue Reading →

Flock 2014 Day 2: Fedora Server, Role-ing Along

  Stephen Gallagher bravely embraced his spot as one of the first talks of the day, after a Flock pub night. As a representative of the Fedora Server working group, he presented an overview and status report on the Fedora… Continue Reading →

Flock 2014 Day 2: Orchestration with Ansible at Fedora Project

At the Flock 2014 conference in Prague, Aditya Patawari delivered a talk on the Fedora Project’s use of Ansible for orchestrating its services. System administrators face many challenges today, as new servers, applications, and updates to these systems are constantly… Continue Reading →

Flock 2014 Day 1: Taskotron and Me

Tim Flink led a session on Taskotron, a new distribution-agnostic framework for task execution. Taskotron will soon replace Fedora’s AutoQA system and solve many of the issues discovered as we made use of AutoQA. Taskotron will help us run more… Continue Reading →

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Today is July 25 and that can mean only one thing — it’s SysAdmin Day 2014! SysAdmin Day is one day every year when we express gratitude and thanks to the hard-working IT folks that keep our services up and… Continue Reading →

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